Ben Glass: Getting going on Twitter and Youtube


A quick update from me on how Ben Glass’s social media experiment is progressing (more on the experiment in this post).

We had a short telephone conversation last week and these are some notes from that.

Ben has started using Twitter and also Youtube to share a couple of videos he has shot of tech he is taking to Brazil. These videos are short and show us what Ben is taking with him. I liked the colours and textures of the video footage. Ben is using the 8mm app on his iphone to shoot the video – the app gives the slightly retro effect.

The good news is that the process of shooting and uploading the video to Youtube is simple and can be done on the phone. It’s also great to hear that Ben, in his own words, ‘Is getting won over to Twitter slowly but surely.’

As well a striking up some conversations on Twitter, Ben is using it to share links to his Youtube videos

We also discussed the Tumblr blog that Ben has set up. This is where Ben will reflect on what he has been doing in Brazil and adding some more detail.

Using these different services – Youtube, Twitter and Tumblr – requires us to work out the simplest way to share content so that it is posted once and shared across the other networks. We are figuring that out now . . .

Find Ben here:

On Twitter: @benglass6

On Youtube:

On Tumblr: Outernational Music