Do your shopping online and help Drake Music


To do all the brilliant things we do at Drake Music, we have to raise money to make all our projects and services happen. There’s lots of ways we do this, but it’s also possible for you to help at no extra cost to you!

Do you shop on Amazon? If you make your purchases via this Amazon link, Amazon will make a donation every time you buy something.  Also – as the image above states – Amazon are tripling their donations during the two weeks starting Friday 15th June through until Thursday 25th June 2018.

It’s not just Amazon though. Through Easyfundraising you can book holidays and do your grocery shop with many well known retailers and also help raise much needed funds for Drake Music. It takes a couple of minutes at most to set your computer up with Easyfundraising which you can do through this link.

So please sign up, and next time you’re shopping, you’ll be helping us out!