Mi.Mu Gloves – Introduction & How To


Hello, lovely people, you!

So, this is exciting. I’m starting a new guest blog, right here at Drake Music. I love to blog, and I flippin’ well love Drake Music; what could be better?

I’m not just being cute here. I love DM. They are making the once impossible possible. For musicians with disabilities, they are changing lives. Their support has certainly changed mine. Without DM, I would never have met so many amazing and interesting people, and I’d probably have given in to that “you can’t” voice long ago.

As some of you no doubt know already, I am currently collaborating with Drake Music to explore the potential of Imogen Heap’s frankly incredible Mi.Mu Gloves. This technology could be one of the most significant breakthroughs in accessible music technology ever. Srsly. I don’t know how much the team behind them thought about that, but Gawain Hewitt and I immediately saw the potential. Beautiful, graceful technology, that can be taught to work with the mobility limitations a disabled musician deals with.

That’s the theory at least. It’s early days, and we’re very aware of this. We’re working closely with Imogen and the team, feeding back our findings. I’ve been working with the gloves since January now, and conquering many of the teething issues. I’m incredibly optimistic about their potential, and I’ll be sharing the progress of this project from lab to stage with you here. I sincerely believe this can change the game for disabled musicians, and I’m throwing myself into this project to prove that. I hope you can join me in the adventure!

There’ll be lots of updates here, but for now I wanted to share a little bit about the technology itself. I’ve filmed a short instruction video for Drake Music, explaining how and what the technology is.

This video is aimed at the more technically minded viewer, with an interesting in music technology. It explains how the gloves are set up, and what information they collect and turn into musical performance. If you have any questions about the gloves, do feel free to find me on Twitter: @krishalpin


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