Compose & Perform Success 2018!

Compose and Perform logo in yellowThe 2017-18 academic year has finished with great success for our Compose and Perform course.

Nearly 100 students – all of whom face barriers to music – have achieved accredited passes in one or more of our four units over the past year. This represents a 100% pass rate!

That’s a phenomenal effort from the students, and also from their teachers and support staff who were singled out for praise in the report by the ncfe External Verifier:

‘There is clear evidence today that assessors from each of the 5 areas are outstanding in their work with these young learners’

The Drake Music team has had the pleasure of watching and verifying the evidence from our five schools/ colleges and we wholeheartedly echo the comment above.

It is fantastic to see another 100 young people receive an accredited qualification in music, which will hopefully set them on a good course for their musical adventures in the future.

Compose & Perform gives us first-hand knowledge that music making and music teaching of great quality and substance is happening out there in many special schools, and we’re so proud to be part of that ongoing success story in the UK through this course.

You can watch a short film here about Kitty, one of our Compose and Perform students from Treloar School.

In the film she answers some questions about her music making, her interests and her ambitions and shares some advice for other young disabled people who are thinking about taking up music.


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