Are music teachers talking about disabled/ SEN students?


First, Marc Jaffrey’s recent article in Music Education UK magazine, then Mark Phillips (HMI Music inspector for Ofsted) at the recent FMS conference…the musical needs and aspirations of disabled/ SEN students are being discussed at the highest levels (it’s a bit like buses, you wait all day for one etc etc) And yet…my experiences at Drake Music are that the music education sector can go a bit quiet when it comes to discussing provision for this group. I know that many classroom teachers and freelancers are on board with the inclusion agenda but forums like this (and conference presentations) tend to be a bit thin on the ground. I appreciate that many are feeling a tad ‘Henley’ed out’ but this really is a golden opportunity to change the landscape. So, a genuine enquiry from cyberspace: Is the music education sector ready to discuss the ‘details of provision’ for disabled/ SEN students as recommended by Henley? If so, please get the discussion going by emailing/ blogging/ tweeting/ post a letter…

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