The Halfway Mark At Belvue School


4 young musicians playing together, 2 bass guitars, drums, electric drum pads

We are now at the end of year 2 of our 4 year ‘Exchanging Notes’ Youth Music funded project at Belvue School in Ealing, London.

There have been some significant developments throughout the year, including the introduction of peer teaching as detailed in my previous blog, in addition to the young musicians receiving practice instruments to bring home.

Through pupil feedback and observations of ensemble sharing sessions throughout the year, it’s clear that all of the young musicians enjoy performing and I am hoping we can build in more performing opportunities and sharing sessions throughout year 3 and 4.

Some highlights of this year include:

  • Seeing the peer learning and teaching develop and having a positive impact on pupils in enhancing their leadership and general musicianship skills
  • Notable improvements in some of the young musicians instrumental skills, since given their practice instruments to bring home
  • Having a very successful ensemble session rocking out the Bon Jovi song ‘You Gave Love A Bad Name’! Listen to the ensemble rehearsing the song intro here: Rehearsing intro to ‘You Gave Love A Bad Name’

I am really looking forward to working with this super group of young musicians again in September going into year 3 of this fantastic project.

As the peer sessions have been very effective to date, I would like to extend this process to facilitate a group of 4 young musicians consisting of 2 keyboards, bass guitar and drums – maybe a Belvue band will evolve from it?!

I am hoping that the young musicians will have an opportunity to play music over the summer holidays, now that they have their own practice instruments.

I look forward to the next steps in this project from September.

Below is a video clip showing some examples of the peer sessions in action, in the run up to an ensemble day that took place earlier in the year at Belvue School.