Listening as Activism – Elinor Rowlands


A swirl of painted colour in rich blues and pinks coruls over a small figure silhouetted at the centre

Unheard voices are not usually the voices we never hear, instead, they are the voices we need to learn to listen to in a way that makes us uncomfortable. When we are challenged out of the way we usually listen, then we are being an activist. We must attend and pay attention to different voices, different emotions, and different ways of being. For me, the video and the soundtrack were two new ways of listening to voices that are often the most demonised and deeply misunderstood: the autistic/ADHD one.

Listening as Activism is not about parroting or using marginalised groups in an effort to be seen as dedicated to diversity. Instead, it is about looking to these voices for the answers and following their lead to shape a diverse world. These voices create future pathways because you are now paying attention. It’s about trusting that voice that you never have time for.


This is not a lullaby – Composition by Elinor Rowlands

Featuring Magical Women’s Showcased Song “Seed” by Tash Oliver-Cork and the voices of Magical Women Writers and Artists during Overwhelm (They all recorded themselves during or after an Overwhelm.)

Wendy Young
Debi Gregory
Anna Dyson
Jet Moon
Elinor Rowlands


This video is an art film. Showing the experiences of Sensory Overload, Synaesthesia and Sensory processing. It is not a narrative.

Click on the subtitles for the lyrics. It is available as a soundtrack only on Elinor’s Magical Women Soundcloud.

The Artist in Residence initiative is part of DM Collective, a programme of creative and professional development for Disabled artists at all stages of their career. It is funded by The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation.


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