VIDEO: Hansel & Gretel – an inclusive cross-arts production at Springwood Heath Primary, Liverpool

In March 2014 four disabled and non-disabled artists from across the UK visited Springwood Heath Primary School in Liverpool for a week-long cross-arts residency. The aim of the residency was to create a unique version of Hansel & Gretel that would be written in just a week by nineteen disabled and non-disabled pupils aged between 7 and 10. The four Drake Music Associates, Jon Hering, Ruth Montgomery, Mike Heath and Katie O’Brien led workshops on assistive music technology; music and composition; drama and scriptwriting; and set design respectively.

This short film by Hafsah Naib tracks the residency and documents its impact on all involved.

Throughout 2014 Drake Music is celebrating its 20th year. #DM20

Funded by Arts Council England Catalyst Fund and Ctel LTD.

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