Clicker 6 music resources at Learning Grids World

Learning Grids World is a website where any registered Clicker 6 software user can create an account to download and share Clicker 6 Grid Sets for free. Clicker 6 is increasingly being used to make music accessible to SEN/Disabled learners across the curriculum. Clicker 6 can be accessed using switches, touch screens, joysticks, trackballs and any other means of control, in addition to the conventional computer keyboard and mouse.

Learning Grids World has Clicker 6 Grid Sets for singing songs, playing games and learning the names of musical instruments and even a Clicker 6 on-screen piano! New resources are being added all the time.

Drake Music has created Clicker 5 and 6 resources for accessible singing and also for our accessible Introduction to Music course. Unfortunately none of these resources are available on Learning Grids World as yet.

* Drake Music’s Clicker 5 and 6 accessible singing resources are available to download free from the Sing Up Song Bank website (Sing Up being the copyright owners). Details of where to find and how to download the resources are here

* The Introduction to Music Clicker 5 and 6 resources are available for free from Drake Music to any registered AptEd (previously Open College Network) Centre. (AptEd have asked us not to distribute them freely to non-AptEd centres.) From January 2012 Drake Music will itself be an AptEd centre, giving the option instead to register for the course through Drake Music. For more details please email