New Accessible Music Tech: Idea to prototype in four short weeks

Next week we are excited to launch our DMLab North West Challenge in Manchester.

The DMLab North West Challenge has created the opportunity for four Disabled musicians to explore bespoke technology to further develop their music, and for four technologists to work on a challenging live brief with a creative collaborator.

As a result, four new, exciting and unexpected pieces of music technology will be built, with Disabled musicians at the creative helm.

We are really excited about the direction their work is taking so far and can’t wait to share it with you.

Electric wheelchair one man band…

Come along to our NW Challenge Launch event on 27th April to hear the teams present their initial ideas, inspiration and what they hope to achieve in the space of just four short weeks:

  • A saxophone played using switches and compressed air by Matt Daly and Seashell Trust
  • Portable and bespoke controllers for sound art and live mixing by Gemma Nash , Lewis Sykes, James Medd, Craig Howlett and Mike Cook
  • An air keyboard by Chris Ball and Hannah Shelmerdine
  • An electric wheelchair one man band, powered by self-sustaining eco-power sources by Steve Varden & Matt Turley

This will then be followed up with the NW Challenge Showcase Event on 27th May. See how musicians and technologists work together to take their initial ideas from the page to working prototypes.

And don’t forget that in those four weeks, as well as developing and building a never-before-seen piece of music tech, there is the added challenge of learning how to use/play it in order to perform live for the Showcase event!

Image: photo of Kris Halpin playing Mi.Mu glove with arm outstretched and fist clenchedIf all this isn’t enough excitement, the events will be hosted by the wonderful Kris Halpin, who will be performing using MiMu gloves and the IABF’s famous Bösendorfer piano.

All the info

The two events are open and accessible and free to all. We recommend coming to both, to see the process from crazy idea to working instrument!

DMLab NW Challenge Launch Event

  • Date/ Time: Saturday 29th April – 2.00-3.30pm
  • Venue: International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester
  • Tickets: Book your place via Eventbrite

And don’t forgot to join us for the final celebration & unveiling of the finished designs at our second event…

DMLab NW Challenge Final Showcase Event

Our DMLab programme works with Disabled musicians to address the lack of range in accessible instruments, in order to open up access to music-making for more people.

The DMLab Challenge is an innovation competition where teams of hackers and musicians work together for a short period of time to build new pieces of kit. Last year we held one in London which you can read about on our blog.

DMLab Challenge

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