DM Collaborate at Furtherfield



DM Collaborate is a year-long programme of events which aims to increase opportunity and visibility for Disabled artists, musicians and sound artists living and working in London.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 7 September from 11.30am – 4.30pm at Furtherfield Commons in Finsbury Park.

Special guests:

  • Billy Saga – one of the most authentic and combative MCs in Brazil to address disability and equal rights. Fusing elements of Hip Hop, Rock, Reggae, Dub and Samba, he explores wide-ranging ideas from international affairs, politics and relationships to technology and religion.
  • Paul Bonham, Arts Council England – Paul will talk about Grants for the Arts funding and how to apply as an individual artist.

There will be group jam and improvisation to film / visual projection.

If you would like to join, please fill in a short registration form online: DM Collaborate Registration Form. We will contact you to confirm your attendance.

Contact our office if you would like a printed copy of the form: 020 7739 5444.