Young DM: Music venues


My moan of he day!  Over the years I have been to many concerts, in places like the NEC, o2 arena and many more music halls. I love music and their is nothing like seeing it live. For a few years I became quite obsessed with watching live concerts, this continued until I was about 20 and began to run out of money quite dramatically! Since then I go less often and more to festivals.  Anyway the point is, at the majority of these places their is amazing wheelchair access but it’s completely segregated from the rest of the audience. You can often only go with one ambulant friend, the others have to be in the crowd. Personally I have always wanted to be in the crowd along with everyone else, apparently I’m not allowed to due to health and safety. So on one hand I can’t go to a concert with lots of friends and on another hand if I do I can’t be with them. Again like to story of my life I’m sitting on the sideline watching the ambulant individuals leading a life which I’m unable to be part of. I don’t see how this is far….  The wheelchair spaces are limited which I understand, but taking us away from everybody else so we can’t join in, is not fair in my opinion and it should be against some human right!

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