We All Make Music pledges for change

We All Make Music was our flagship inclusive music education event, celebrating three years of Think2020.

We brought people together from across the sector to imagine and create the future for a truly inclusive approach to music ed. See the photos from WAMM here.

We started the day with a protest, led musically by John Kelly with his newly-written protest song, We Don’t Fit In A Box.

During the day we asked people to think of themselves as changemakers, people who could open up access to music for any number of young Disabled people.

We then asked them to think about one action they were going to take to be that changemaker, and to make their own protest sign to share during our final jam.

Animated image of hand-written protest signs piling up

Here are just some of the commitments they made to taking the next step towards equality in music-making:

  • Being Creative about making music TOGETHER
  • Be brave, try out the tech & find the best way to use it to boost the inclusion of non-verbal/non-singing members of the Include Choir.
  • Try to CLOSE THE GAP…. Mainstream v Special Music!
  • Create inclusive creative groups in community music schools in Essex. Everyone has the right to make music with their peers
  • STRONGER TOGETHER – every voice 2B heard
  • Try extra hard to champion inclusion over social media & make it a higher profile
  • Explore virtuosity within digital instruments
  • Continue to challenge the ‘norm’ in Music Education!
  • Create performance & opportunities for everyone I work with!
  • BREAK THE BOX – Its days are numbered
  • Talk the talk – JFDI – And walk the walk
  • Let’s have a chat!
  • Support groups to connect, imagine & create together!
  • Check communication needs at start of my sessions
  • Arts & Artmaking – always WITH not only FOR
  • Keep directing people to Drake Music’s online resources & spread LOVE
  • Use the Nerds!!!
  • Music is our common language!
  • Keep challenging the way you know MUSIC
  • Rules are there to break
  • Employ a DIVERSE workforce
  • Nothing about us…. Without us!!
  • Collaborate with local organisations to create bespoke Accessible Music Tech!
  • Share responsibility for access
  • Encourage/advocate inclusivity & accessibility for everyone!!!
  • Create a music ‘jam’ club for people with disabilities
  • Don’t forget to find somewhere to play
  • Spread the word! MUSIC!
  • Time to seek/build our own inclusive instruments!!
  • Time for EVERYONE to get CREATIVE – I want to hear everyone’s musical voice
  • Fight for equity in music making!
  • If YOU say it’s music it IS music!
  • Build a community to OPEN SOURCE music tech
  • ACTION! Micro bit revolution is coming (to Ramsgate!)
  • I will support ongoing collaborative group music making with people with disabilities
  • THINK BIG – and have lots of small conversations
  • To work towards DEMYSTIFY the processes around bespoke AMT
  • Music is FUN, have FUN with Music!!!

Want to be part of the We All Make Music movement? What will you pledge?

Leave a comment below, or tweet us using the hashtag #WAMM2018

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