#WAMM2018 – Inclusive music education


Coming up soon is our flagship music education event – We All Make Music, 9th March 2018.  This is part of Think2020, funded by Youth Music.

This will be a fun, inspiring day of surprises, hands-on practical workshops and challenging debates.

Our vision is a world where disabled and non-disabled musicians can make music together as equals. We believe this starts with education.

Download the full programme for the day here.

If you haven’t got your ticket yet, we are nearly sold out so make sure you book your place!

A challenge

To everyone working in music education, we would like to set a small challenge…

In 5 words or less, what needs to change in music ed to make it truly inclusive?

We would love to bring together voices from across the sector to add to the debate, so please send us your comments on twitter, or in our facebook group!

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