Tiny Techies – Music tech for Early Years

Tiny Techies is a new, pilot project, exploring how Drake Music’s innovative, technology-oriented approaches to inclusive music-making can be adapted to positively impact the learning and development of Disabled children in the early years.

Learning about music from a young age brings all kind of benefits, like helping with language and developing fine motor skills. However, music lessons using technology for the pre-school age group aren’t usually designed for Disabled children.

We are partnering with Live Music Now to design and deliver a programme of explorational music-making sessions with Disabled children aged 3-5 at Newlands School in Rochdale.

A white man in front of a school holds up a guitar and smiles as he takes a selfie
Paul from Live Music Now, ready for a lesson at Newlands School


Tiny Techies will see Drake Music and Live Music Now leading weekly music classes, as well as offering training for teachers at the school and opportunities for Disabled trainee music leaders to learn on the job.

The lessons will develop new inclusive techniques for music-making with very young Disabled children and this will be documented by Drake Music and shared with the music education sector after the project has finished. 

Tom McGrath, Programme Delivery Manager at DM said:

“We recognise the need to provide continued support for music teachers using technology in their classes to increase access and participation in music, particularly in early years settings. This is a growing area of music education and one where we want to see equality of access for young Disabled children.

Tiny Techies will provide a significant opportunity both to grow Drake Music’s practice in this area, and to share key skills and learning with our partners across the sector, both at organisational and practitioner level.”

We look forward to sharing updates with you as the project progresses.


Tiny Techies is generously funded by:

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