RNCM PRiSM Artists in Residence announced!

As part of Megan Steinberg’s Composition PhD in association with Drake Music, we are pleased to welcome vocalist Elle Chante and multi-instrumentalist Luke Moore as RNCM PRiSM Drake Music Artists in Residence 2022.

They are joining Distractfold in developing and performing Megan’s new work, ‘Outlier’ for ensemble and AI. The ensemble will be performing ‘Outlier’ at RNCM as part of Future Music #4 festival on 25 October 2022.

Megan commented:

“I’m really excited for Luke and Elle to join this ensemble with Distractfold as our PRiSM Drake Music Artists in Residence. They both bring incredible music-making skills and perspectives to this project.

We are turning the compositional and rehearsal process on its head by putting accessibility at the start. This involves conversations around accessibility that will influence the music and illustrate the beauty of human individuality.

Different scores and instructions will be developed for each performer, based on their needs and preferences; rather than presenting one score in a format that may not be accessible to everyone.

We will be exploring the issue of generalisation in AI.

Datasets used in Machine Learning technologies are often not representative and result in reinforcing bias against historically marginalised people, in the form of ableism, racism and sexism. We’ll be using experimental and accessible music processes to create an impactful and adventurous piece.

The sound will illustrate the process of generalisation that occurs and ignores people it deems to be ‘outliers’.”

About the Residency

This artist residency was designed specifically for performers who identify as Disabled, Deaf and/or neurodivergent, as Megan’s research will focus on putting accessibility at the start of the process and creating new works for professional Disabled musicians, with a particular interest in Accessible Musical Instruments.

Another iteration of ‘Outlier’ for solo turntable will be performed by Megan in June 2022 at the Anthony Burgess Foundation. Both versions of the piece will include sound and music generated using Artificial Intelligence alongside live musicians.

This residency is made possible through the Lucy Hale Doctoral Award in collaboration with Drake Music, funded by AHRC. RNCM and Drake Music would like to thank everyone who expressed interest – all artists will be invited to participate in the project at another stage.

“Drake Music are very excited to partner with PRiSM to support the first DM PRiSM Artists in Residence. It’s a great opportunity for our musicians to be involved in the research and development of new works with composer Megan Steinberg, and we are really looking forward to seeing what comes out of this partnership.”

Cat McGill, Interim Head of People and Operations, Drake Music

About the Artists

Composite of two images - Elle a young black woman with curly afro hair, Luke a white man with long hair playing a cello

Luke Moore

Luke Moore is a composer, producer & multi-instrumentalist (cello/bass/guitar/double bass/keys) based in Liverpool. His creative practice also includes filming and producing visuals to accompany live shows.

Previous commissions include collaborating with astrophysicists for a performance at the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science – followed up with participating in a STEM/Arts event at Bluedot Festival – plus new works with themes including Viking history and climate change.

Luke is the founder and artistic director of music/arts collaboration project Operation Lightfoot and one third of the band Skylon. He also specialises in scoring and recording cello and string parts for a range of artists, bands and composers, with previous work being broadcast on BBC 2, Channel 4, BBC Radio 2 and BBC 6 music.

Elle Chante

Elle Chante is a musical self-expressionist, model and disability arts activist based in the Midlands, UK. Using her ethereal vocals, lyrics and instrumentation she strives to encompass and share with the audience the world that she lives in.

A strong believer in the power of empathy and community, Elle aims to make music that creates space for people to better understand each other and themselves.

She has just released her EP ‘Becoming’ and is currently working on a self produced EP funded by Youth Music Next Gen, which will be released in August 2022.

We were privileged to work with Elle as part of our Emergent Commissions series. Watch it here:

Find Elle on social media under @ElleChanteUK


UK-based ensemble, Distractfold, are a group of performers, composers and curators all acting out of shared love, passion and interest in the music and culture of our times. They perform acoustic, mixed and electroacoustic music of their peers, alongside music of the more established composers with whom they have formed close collaborations and friendships.

Distractfold performers are:

Linda Jankowska – Violin
Daniel Brew – Electric Guitar
Alice Purton – Cello
Rocío Bolaños – Clarinets

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