Planted Symphony is back!

What if a garden could make music?

Planted Symphony answers that question, bringing a garden to life with a specially composed musical score, a host of talented Disabled musicians and a sprinkling of music technology magic.

In 2017, working in partnership with Arts & Gardens, we collaborated to present a ‘work in progress’ performance of Planted Symphony at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park as part of Liberty Festival.

In 2020, we are partnering up again to bring the magical musical garden to 6 exciting locations across the UK, touring to international festivals, historic houses and areas of outstanding natural beauty.

A group of people crouch next to multi-coloured strands of wool running between trees.
PLANTED SYMPHONY by Drake Music with Arts and Gardens | Image:  Robert Piwko

Planted Symphony is a site-responsive musical installation where the audience become players in an orchestra as they move through different sonic areas. Disabled and non-disabled audiences create a symphony from the garden, using bespoke accessible instruments and technology to breathe into, roll over, tap, press and pluck to create a symphony from the garden.

The touring version of the installation will involve professional Disabled musicians working with local schools and community groups to develop new pieces of music which will be integrated into the final piece. This will make each presentation unique to that location and will allow the community to be part of an extraordinary performance.

Daryl Beeton, Artistic Programme Leader for Drake Music said:
We are thrilled to have received funding from Arts Council England to realise this innovative national tour. Planted Symphony will bring together the best in accessible musical instrument innovation, composition and performance by Disabled musicians, and inclusive participation for young people.

At the live events the audience will be able to hug a tree and hear a sound, or blow notes on a dandelion clock. It is set to be a truly magical experience for all involved.

Look out for announcements about the artists involved and dates in the coming months.

A man wearing sunglasses and a checked shirt hugs a tree tightly.
PLANTED SYMPHONY by Drake Music with Arts and Gardens
LIBERTY FESTIVAL 2017 | Image: Robert Piwko