Our first Instructable is live – learn to create your own Darch Resonator!

This week we are pleased to launch our first Instructable as part of our DMLab programme. Over the year we will be developing and sharing resources for people who want to make accessible musical instruments and tech.

A lever arch file has an iPad strapped to it and a portable speaker set into the front of the file

Some of the projects will be introductory level, for anyone who would like to have a go at making/hacking. Some will be more advanced, sharing projects built & coded as part of DMLab.

Darch Resonator

We’ve begun with the Darch Resonator as a fun, easy DIY project which you don’t need any special skills or technology to have a go at, and we’ve made an Instructable to share it.

A compass is being used to draw and score a circle on the front of a lever arch folder

Invented by our Associate Musician Dave Darch, the Darch Resonator is a way to make portable speakers louder. Read more about where it all began here.

It also creates haptic feedback in the form of vibrations, so you can feel the sound, which is great for workshops where there are a lot of iPads in play.

What are Instructables?

If you’re not familiar with Instructables, they are step-by-step guides to make just about anything… categories include woodworking, craft, food, play and more.

Screenshot of Instructables page

Ours will be found in the music & technology categories and will explore different projects from our DMLab programme, all focused on accessible musical instruments and technology.

Have a go

Have a look at the Darch Resonator Instructable and help us get it seen by more people – give it a Like, leave us a comment or share it on social media.

How to make a portable speaker box to amplify sound & vibrations.


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