Music Mark Reflections: Think22 Vlog & responses from Disabled Musicians

The Drake Music team recently attended the annual Music Mark conference. This year it was the organisation’s 20th anniversary and their first digital event… both enormous milestones!

We led a session on the day looking at Inclusion in Online Music Education, a hot topic for 2020! We also attended many of the other sessions throughout this busy and interesting day.

Responses from Disabled musicians

We invited some of our Associate Musicians to attend the conference and to share an article with us afterwards, reflecting on the day, or a particular session, from their viewpoint as a Disabled musician.

We wanted to bring the lived experience of disability into our session and inclusion conversations and to share that with the sector. The responses touch on Neurodiversity, composition, White privilege, recognition of one’s own experiences and more.

We’re pleased to be able to share their reflections with you now, compiled into one handy downloadable document:

Music Mark Reflections 2020 (PDF)
Music Mark reflections 2020 (MS Word)


Douglas and John from the Think22 team have also created a Vlog where they discuss the interactive session we led about Inclusive Online Music Provision and some of the learning that has come out of it.

Add your thoughts

If you’d like to read and add your thoughts to our shared document capturing the experience of going digital and what we’d like to take forward, you can find the google doc here.

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