Lord Mayor’s Show


Inga Tillere, our Regional Project Coordinator in London is here to tell you more about the Lord Mayor’s Show in London in November


To mark the 20th anniversary of City Bridge Trust grant-making, on Saturday 14th November we have been invited to take part in the longest, grandest and most meticulously organised procession in the world that is the Lord Mayor’s Show.

And if that’s not enough, this year will be the 800th anniversary of the parade, which means that the Lord Mayor has been making this journey since 1215, keeping going in the face of plagues, fires, wars, student protests and tube strikes.

Peter Blake artwork
Peter Blake artwork for the Lord Mayor’s Show

Drake Music is working in partnership with three other leading arts organisations promoting an inclusive London and funded by City Bridge TrustGreen Candle Dance Company, Greenwich & Lewisham Young People’s Theatre and Castlehaven Community Association. Our float will showcase a variety of performers – dancers, musicians and street performers of all ages and abilities.

Dancers from three organisations, spanning an age range of 16 to 86, will perform an exuberant carnival dance on and around the float with fluttering blue pennants reflecting the waves of the Thames in full flow.

Choreographed by Vicki Busfield from Green Candle Dance Company and performed to the joyful live music of our Drake Music musicians from Eastway Care. The music will cover anything from Country, Rock ‘n Roll and Samba to Dance and Hip-hop. Drake Music’s associate musician Dave Darch has now been working with young people and adults at Eastway Care for over 6 months.

Lord Mayors Show

The Lord Mayor’s Show is a procession of more than 7,000 people, 200 horses and 155 floats. It’s over three miles long, but it can never be fully assembled because the route from Mansion House to the Royal Course is less than two miles.

Our float (number 59: City Bridge Trust) will appear between Seafarers UK and ASDAN and can be easily spotted by its iconic representation of Tower Bridge and other screen printed décor created by the participants, all of which has been chosen to represent four organisations on both sides of the river bridging communities.

The float has been designed and produced by Emergency Exit Arts – an arts organisation specialising in creating events and participatory experiences using visual performance, processions, puppetry, music and pyrotechnics. The float, carrying up to 30 performers, will be built upon a 13.7m (45ft) curtain-sider trailer.

The procession will set off at 11am from Mansion House. A downloadable route map and other information about the parade can be found on the Lord Mayor’s Show website.

If you are planning to come down, the organisers recommend leaving your car at home. The roads will be closed and the whole of London clogged up (and there’s nowhere to park anyway!). Come into town by train, tube or bike and you will be delivered to exactly the right spot. More information about access is provided here.

If you are unable to join us on the day, please follow our live updates from the float on Drake Music’s twitter and Facebook page. And, who knows, you might even catch us live on the BBC!

Thanks for reading.