Guest Blog: DJ Arthro & his ‘Spaceship 3.0’

We’re very excited that Tim Palm – a.k.a. DJ Arthro – is going to be headlining the relaunch event for DMLab London on the 11th June.

Tim is a Swedish DJ and producer who will be travelling from Stockholm to perform his new EP for us and show off Spaceship 3.0 – the rig he uses to perform with.

He’s an incredible musician who’s spent many years developing and refining his performance rig, and we can’t wait to see him perform.

Meet Tim and find out more about the Spaceship in his guest blog below.


Hi, this is Tim Palm writing. I would describe myself stubborn, weird, adventurous and always happy. On stage and as an artist I call myself DJ Arthro.

DJ Arthro logo

Arthro is the first part from the Latin name of my diagnosis (yes, i am in a wheelchair, a supercool specialmade one). I took that name thinking that it would always be with me. I am a geek and love problem solving, that is what keeps me going.

Music has been a part of my entire life, as a kid my parents put me in a children’s choir to boost my self esteem. Years later I still kept singing, but I wanted to do more.

I had for a long time thought about the guitar. You know, so I could be the cute guy at the campfire, but my chicken arms did not really agree.

It ended with me buying a guitar anyway. My plan? To play with my feet. I “nailed” the smoke on the water riff, but this wasn’t my thing so I got another brilliant idea! I would be a drummer!

DJ Arthro onstage in front of a large projection of himself making music

Well, maybe not that great of an idea at first glance, but my mind was set. I bought a digital hand-drum and started taking lessons. My teacher was an old developer of electronic drums and – after many many hours together – “Spaceship” 1.0 was created!

That was a short version of how I ended up here, now let’s talk about what I do… today I operate my “Spaceship”. That´s what I’ve come to call my rig. I recently upgraded it to 3.0 and can now control music, lightshow and video mixing at the same time.

All my spare time goes in to this project, whether it’s in music production, gear hunting, live shows or really anything creative! The live shows are my main passion and I’m always looking for fun and creative ways to take my shows to a new level.


Listen to DJ Arthro on Spotify

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