Drake Music commission: Steve Varden ‘Cloud Looping’

Steve Varden is a talented musican and technologist who enjoys building his own kit and devising new ways to create and perform sounds.

For this commission he responded to a brief to use technology in a creative way to connect with the live audience and break down the traditional performer/audience divide.

He asked the audience questions and used a throwable microphone to capture their responses which he then live looped into his piece, using his solar-powered electric wheelchair one man band.

The commission was created, performed and recorded live at the Barbican as part of The Radical Sound of Many, a Drake Music showcase of new work by Disabled performers.

Enjoy Steve’s rhythmic electronic composition and hear the audience’s response to the question “what message will you send to intelligent life from another planet?”.

This was a Talent Development commission, funded by the PRS Foundation Talent Development Programme.

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