Drake Music commission: Robyn Steward ‘Robyn Makes Music Up For You’

The Drake Music 2018 Emergent Commissions had a theme of “Music and the Audience”, which meant each artist explored different ways to engage with the audience in the creation of their commission piece.

The commission was created, performed and recorded live at the Barbican as part of The Radical Sound of Many, a Drake Music showcase of new work by Disabled performers.

Robyn is a trumpet player who uses electronics within her performance. She also curates and hosts live music events and is a visual artist, speaker and author.

To create her Emergent Commission Robyn collaborated with music technologist Charles Matthews to create a wireless guitar pedal system through which she could play and loop her trumpet. This would let Robyn be mobile within the audience and take away the hazard and complication of lots of wires.

Robyn’s final piece is a hypnotic, spacey concotion, which draws the listener in with twisty loops, echoes and breathy repeats.

Robyn said:
“Working with Drake Music has been great, I’ve progressed musically and from a technology standpoint”

Emergent: A Music Legacy is a Drake Music artistic programme, funded by Help Musicians UK, which provides creative and career development to emerging Disabled musicians.

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