Drake Music commission: Oliver Cross ‘The Visitor’

Oliver is a folk musician and harmonica player who created this piece of music in response to a brief to use technology in a creative way to connect with the live audience and break down the traditional performer/audience divide.

He held an open workshop in the performance space before his set and invited members of the audience to explore accessible music technology like switches and iPads. He then invited two young members of the audience to join him onstage to be part of the performance using iPad techniques he taught them.

The commission was created, performed and recorded live at the Barbican as part of The Radical Sound of Many, a Drake Music showcase of new work by Disabled performers.

Enjoy Oliver’s new narrative composition bringing together English and Romanian folk music elements and including an ensemble of musicians alongside his harmonica playing and electronic elements. Oliver is also a photographer and produced the visual elements included in the film too.

The Talent Development commissions are funded by the PRS Foundation Talent Development Programme.

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