DMLab North, the beginning

Gawain Hewitt, Drake Music R&D National Manager here shares the latest info about the new DMLab North event:

October 2015 signaled the start of something new. Inspired by our monthly meeting of coders, makers and musicians developing accessible musical instruments in London, we decided to start a meeting in Manchester.

Hosted by our project partners Madlab, the focus was very much on getting to know each other and starting to discover what and who this group was.

Coder working on new accessible instrument

Gemma Nash did an excellent presentation on accessible music making, after which there was a discussion and sharing of the tools and resources that the group were already aware. There is already talk of the group being used as a sounding board for development of new instruments.

(The meeting was) great – a lovely collaborative, enthusiastic and interested atmosphere, with passionate practitioners and artists who already seem committed to developing a community in Manchester
Caro C – meeting facilitator

(It was) great to get geeky about fun stuff like midi CCs and capacitive touch at @DrakeMusicRandD meet up and see eyes light up instead of glaze over!
Billy and Andy (feedback from twitter)

The next meeting will include a show and tell, with the group bringing projects they are working on and/or technology that just excites them.

For Drake Music the meeting was an overwhelming success. It really feels like there is an appetite for this kind of meeting in the Manchester area.

Thanks to Madlab for social media support and great biscuits, and to everyone who attended!

The next meeting will be on Monday 30thNovember. If you want to attend get in touch on twitter (@DrakeMusicRandD) or email us at