Developing the SEN/D music education sector


Think2020 is our strategic programme of work funded by Youth Music.

Think2020 aims to increase musical opportunities for disabled children and young people through strategic and sustainable partnership work in the music education sector.

Here is a round-up of all the latest news and activity:

Working with universities

Drake Music Education Manager Jonathan Westrup, and Drake Music trainee Jordan Andow, recently worked with Bristol University to deliver a workshop session to their students.

They introduced the work of Drake Music and a range of techniques to support music -making in secondary school music classrooms using iPads.

It was great for Drake Music to be able to support this work through Think 2020 and to provide students and academic staff with resources to support increased music-making for disabled young people.

Exam Board Meeting

Drake Music were recently invited to attend an Exam boards meeting with Trinity and OCR.

Jonathan went along as a specialist in assessment and accreditation for SEN/D music.

Among a range of discussions, some of the most pertinent to our sector was Jonathan’s question of ‘How do we balance rigour and engagement?’

This debate led OCR to invite him to talk at their upcoming Creative Forum to chair this discussion in more detail; further highlighting the sector’s desire to promote the kind of good practice we are advocating through Think2020.

Another pertinent discussion was around the importance of the teacher as the means to effectively deliver a course, and that good courses need great teachers.

Again this underlines Think2020 messages of the importance of dynamic and skilled teachers in our workforce.

INSET Training

Gary Day recently ran an INSET training session for the Luton Music Hub and City of London Sinfonia on music-making in the classroom for children and young people with a hearing impairment.

The workshop focused on practical skills developments and ways that teachers could explore their practice to make music-making more accessible for children and young people with a hearing impairment.

If you would like to speak to us about training, assessment and accreditation or advocacy for the development of the SEN/D music education sector then please get in touch.

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