Breaking the Silence at Imperial War Museum North

We are delighted to have been selected to be this year’s commissioned Creative Associates at Imperial War Museum North’s annual Breaking The Silence event for Remembrance Sunday.

Please join us on 10th Sunday November 2019 in the IWM North’s Main Exhibition Space.

Thirteen young Disabled musicians and composers are working together with our creative team to make new music for three live performances.

The event is curated and produced by DM NW Project Manager, Abigail Ward and will feature FUSION, a group of twelve young Disabled women who will present a new performance.


Cellist Georgina Aasgaard will literally break the silence, performing a stunning new work by composer Ben Lunn, a previous recipient of a Drake Music Emergent commission.

Responding to the theme of Remembrance, Lunn’s composition will unearth hidden narratives of heroism across Europe during WWII. It will be a contemplative solo cello piece, surrounded with electronic loops and glimmering fragments of European songs of resistance.

Ben stands conducting, his arms outstretched against a dark backdrop as he is lit from one side with a green light.

Lunn says of the performance,

“My piece will be written for cello and electronics. I want to take songs from Belorussian Partisans, Yiddish Anti-Fascist Songs and Soviet songs and completely break them apart so you only hear microscopic fragments (0.5 seconds at most), with the cello contemplating in the space. So the electronics will run like a tape part, which flickers of ‘forgotten’ songs. Like ghosts.”

FUSION will then be the second performance of the day, also responding to the theme of Remembrance.

The young musicians are writing and honing their new music at our Go Compose sessions, which support young Disabled musicians to develop their songwriting and composition skills.

Carien Meijer, Chief Executive, Drake Music says,

“It is wonderful to bring the work of these talented young Disabled musicians to the Imperial War Museum North, and for the voices of young people to be part of the reflection and Remembrance of the Second World War.

Music has an extraordinary ability to bring us together in difficult times and Ben Lunn’s new work asks us to remember not just our own shared history, but also important stories of heroism and human strength from across the continent.”

Two women smile as they trigger sounds with music technology

There will be three performances on the day, each approximately 15 minutes in duration, taking place at 11.02am, 12.10pm and 1.10pm.

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