Ben Lunn discusses his Drake Music commission on Medium

As we launch our latest Emergent commission call-out, composer Ben Lunn has written a reflective blog post about the process of his own commission.

The post for Medium discusses Ben’s choice to approach last year’s Emergent theme of ‘Disability and the Environment’ by focusing on the political environment.

This decision resulted in Ben seeking to draw attention to the pressures and prejudice disabled people face in the current political landscape. By linking the current rise of right wing politics with Fascism and the Nazi regime, Ben’s commissioned piece T-4 highlights the issues disabled people are facing.

Ben says: “In a horrifyingly simple manner, the disabled are labelled a burden, we’re not really demonised as a group, we are pitied and then ‘relieved of our suffering’ “

Read Ben’s blog post in full at Medium here and watch his commissioned piece being performed below

This Emergent commission was supported by Help Musicians UK and in partnership with Brighter Sound