Beg & Borrow


Guy Snowden is a man on a mission:

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“As an active, independent musician for over six years, I can’t even begin to surmise the thousands I’ve spent on rehearsal time, equipment and travel. And recording must be the most expensive product that I have purchased and most of the time, I have come away from the studio unhappy with the value for money.

My biggest peeve is those recording studios that contact bands, brag about their roster of previous clients, offer “great deals” and then only produce relatively amateur records. And those great deals?? Still hundreds of pounds a day!!

I’ve been in studios that look like derelict buildings with outside toilets, computers from 1995 and techs with the worst dress sense going. And yet, amazingly, I’ve walked away with some well-recorded tracks, stupidly good mixes and still a bit of change in my pockets.

Now to the devil’s advocates that say I’m only doing this for publicity and a record deal…

The whole idea of this project dubbed Beg & Borrow is to test my theory that quality of music is not necessarily related to amount of money spent. In documenting my journey, (ups and downs) and hopefully its ultimate success, show others like me that it can be done.

When Beg and Borrow is finished, I plan to host a live gig with 100 of the albums printed, available at the performance.  All money earned through this project will be donated to Drake Music.”

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