Music for Serena the Mermaid


Drake Music South West ran a series of five music sessions with adult service users at CEDA in Exeter, to create a piece of music to accompany ‘Swept to Earth’: a sculpture made by participants at the centre, with the help and guidance of artist Ros Hammond, and exhibited as part of Teignmouth Sculpture Trail 2012.

The sculpture is a life-sized mermaid named Serena, who has been washed up on the beach at Teignmouth in her wheelchair, a net full of litter and waste trailing behind her. The story behind the artwork involves Serena leaving the sea because of the harm done to it by humans. She arrives on land full of hope for a new life away from all the pollution, only to find that the land has been affected just as badly.

Read more about the project in Alex’s blog post.

Instrumentation includes: Soundbeam 5, Skoog, keyboard, microphone, iPad, percussion, guitar, mandola and digeridoo.

CEDA musicians: Rob, Amy, Mark, Kath, Chris, Rachael, Karen, Rachael M & Justin.

Drake Music: Alex Ivanovich, Luke Turner and Jonathan Westrup.