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Young DM is an exciting new platform where you can showcase your own work and ideas, discuss your passions or simply meet others online who have an interest in music, technology and art. Young DMs can create a profile upload their own music, discuss ideas, find out about Drake Music workshops in their area or just hook up creatively with other young people. 

We will be holding workshops and events just for our Young DMs and we want you to help us. Do you have a contribution to make to the website?  Or simply have a cool idea that you think we should know about? Why not design a flyer or offer to DJ your favourite music at one of our events?

Young DM is for young people made by young people. Get in touch! 


Young DM also features advice from those who are already working as professional musicians and artists providing inspiration as well as practical support. Plus advice on opportunities in music and the arts and how to access these. You can also link your Young DM profile to Twitter and Facebook so you can receive regular updates on ‘happenings’ in the Young DM community such as competitions, events and workshops.



Case Study by Charlotte Whiteimage of charlotte

About six and a half years ago I was sitting in my schools kitchen waiting to do the exciting task of learning how to butter toast (or something else just as mundane) when the head of my sixth form came in with two people who I didn't recognise. They came over to me and asked whether I would like to do some music, I accepted as fast as I could and wheeled out of the room at top speed. I was then introduced to Doug Bott an associate musician with Drake Music, who would go on and teach me music for the next three years. 

At this period of my life I had minimal movement and relied and people to do everything for me, I couldn't even access a computer. I was also learning how to talk, I could make only a few plosive sounds which didn't allow me to talk. So when I was left with Doug, I was a tad concerned with how this stranger would react to me (very few people who I didn't know or even many who I did know treated me in a positive light). My worries where completely unnecessary. Music soon became my favourite lesson of the week.

Years before being introduced to the Drake Music I had played the piano at school. I continued playing until the day of my accident which resulted in me being wheelchair bound. It was six years after my accident that I started to play again with the Drake Music.

I had one to one weekly lessons with Doug.  He assessed my needs and came up with a system which allowed me to control a set of notes independently. This was the first glimmer of independence I had experienced for years. This was incredibly exciting and emotional for me and attracted me to music even more. At the beginning Doug would play a piece of music and I would have to try and imitate it.  We also spent many hours talking and discussing basic music theory and they type of music that I enjoyed. Eventually I decided to focus on using the flute, then I moved onto the cello. All of the music that I played was done through music technology. I used switches, sensors and the software which was used to produce the music was called Ableton. 

As I progressed through the years I started learning pieces of music which I then preformed to small audiences, mainly within my school. My first performance was terrifying and I made Doug sit beside me, otherwise I was refusing to go out and perform. 

During my last year of working with the Drake Music, I wanted to learn composition. As I had a particular interest in classical music, I was advised to get Sibelius. This came at the same time as my first accessible computer. Doug helped set up the computer and made Sibelius accessible for me with the use of designing Grid screens. Composition was great fun. I soon realised my mood controlled my compositions, if I was happy I was completely incapable of producing a sad piece of music - visa versa.

Working with Doug Bott allowed me to express myself, which I wasn't previously able to do and to perform music independently. Performing made people look at me differently and they saw beyond my impaired shell and started treating me more like a person. The whole experience was empowering and helped change my outlook on life. The confidence that I started getting from my music, started appearing in other parts of my life. Academically I started progressing and physically. Drake Music also brought about many experiences which I wouldn't have had the chance of doing otherwise. I was asked to compose some music for a Norwegian music festival amongst other things!


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