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Research & Development

Research & Development is a key component of our work. At Drake Music we want to ensure that everyone can make music independently, and create spaces and projects where disabled people have complete control. To achieve this and to ensure that we keep abreast of current and emerging trends and developments in the fields of music/arts, technology (new & assistive) and disability, we have developed a number of R&D initiatives.

Our R&D programme seeks to increase the number of quality accessible musical instruments by stimulating, supporting and testing the development of new instrument types. We wish to see innovation across all possible solution areas, from adaptations of acoustic instruments to new assistive music technology (AMT) and things we have not yet imagined.

DM R&D 2014 - 2016 update

An outline of our current Research & Development work, funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. read more

Accessible Music Technology Testing

The Drake Music team are constantly testing new instruments and apps for accessibility across a range of contexts. read more

Hacking To Make Music Accessible

Hacking To Make Music Accessible is developed with Music Hackspace and Furtherfield, and seeks to stimulate, support and test the making of new accessible instruments. read more

Drake Music working in partnership with OHMI

The OHMI Trust together with Ars Electronica, the world's foremost centre for creative technology, have together formed this unique competition to create musical instruments that can overcome physical disabling barriers to full participation in music-making. read more

DM R&D Archive

Archived projects from Drake Music Research & Development. read more

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