Training in Accessible Singing for SEN/D children

We believe that whatever their voice, all children have the potential to be involved in singing.

Working in partnership with the national singing programme Sing Up, we have created accessible singing resources which are designed to enable special educational needs and disabled children to participate in singing activities.

Course Overview

This training session focuses on how to use these resources to fully involve SEN/D children in singing activities, including children with physical impairments, communication difficulties and other special needs.

Participants will experience different approaches to singing within a context of imaginative thinking around singing and disability.

This includes learning about how simple, accessible ICT resources that are widely available in SEN settings can be used to involve even the most profoundly disabled children in singing, including Clicker 5 & 6, VOCAs (Voice Output Communication Aids) and BIGmack switches.

The training also touches on a range of other approaches to accessible singing, including the use of microphones, signing, symbols, and ‘multisensory’ resources. It is a practical session which will give attendees confidence to apply their learning straight away.

The course is delivered by members of Sing Up’s ‘Drake Music Network’ who are experienced in guiding attendees through best practice principles and techniques, without using too much jargon!

Who is it for?

The training is suitable for teachers, musicians, healthcare professionals and anyone else interested in singing activities for SEN/D children of primary school age. No formal expertise in music or music technology is required!

To find out more about Drake Music’s accessible singing resources please visit our Accessible Singing web page.

How to book

Contact Douglas Noble, our National Manager for Training and Consultancy:

What attendees say about our accessible singing training:

“Excellent – enabling music making to be more accessible for all children.”

“Easy to use – brilliant for including non-verbal pupils in singing”.

“I’ve learned how much difference it might make for a child to take an active part in this way.”

“Really good to have Drake Music training as I’ve always wondered about this, and felt like it should be something we should be doing at my organisation. However, I didn’t know how to go about accessing it – it seemed so specialised. But the guys were fluent and clear, the whole system was easy to understand.”

”It was so useful to get hands on experience of the Clicker software. I’m leaving with lots of really good ideas that I can take into the classroom and use straight away.”

What the National Plan says about our accessible singing training:

The National Plan is the Government’s vision for music education from 2012 onwards, and outlines clear requirements for Music Education Hubs and schools to deliver “high quality music provision… for all pupils, regardless of race; gender; where they live; their levels of musical talent; parental income; whether they have special educational needs or disabilities; and whether they are looked after children.”

Drake Music’s accessible singing work is highlighted in the Government’s National Plan for Music Education as an exemplary case-study in using music technology to break down disabling barriers (p.51 of the National Plan).