Learning & Participation

Photo: children signing and singing

Our Learning & Participation programme creates opportunities for Disabled people to learn and develop as musicians – from primary school through to adulthood.

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About the Learning & Participation programme

At Drake Music we have over 20 years’ experience of making music education inclusive and accessible.

Our skilled team of experienced Associate Musicians are specialists in ensuring that everyone is enabled and empowered to make music.

We are experts in music tech and use all the tools available to us, from iPads to Eyegaze, to allow creative music-making.

Projects are managed from start to finish; from recruiting musicians and organising workshops, through to monitoring and evaluating the activity.

We understand what best practice looks like and use a quality assurance framework which we developed in partnership with Youth Music.

Our partnership with Drake Music has had a huge impact and expanded our SEND learning programme. Their knowledge, support and expertise has enabled us to reach out to a number of schools and families within the area. Together we are continuing to develop exciting new avenues for the foreseeable future.” Rosie-Roella Kevlin – Artistic Coordinator Colchester Arts Centre

Find Out More

Drake Music is a charity and our Learning & Participation programme is funded in a number of ways.

Schools, individuals, local authorities, venues, community groups and music education hubs raise funds to pay for the majority of Drake Music’s work.

If you are interested in working with Drake Music, please call the National Office on 020 7739 5444 to discuss or email info@drakemusic.org