Image: graphic of VIBE logo with network of coloured, connected dots on grey background

VIBE is a platform, springboard and showcase to promote, demonstrate and share excellence among blind and visually impaired musicians, sound engineers and producers.

VIBE was devised by Peter Bosher of Soundlinks, and developed in collaboration with Drake Music and Queen Mary University, London. Its pilot project (October 2014 – March 2015) has been funded by Creativeworks London.

In November 2014 VIBE held a roundtable discussion for visually impaired musicians, sound engineers and other industry professionals. From here, we made a blueprint for action: to create online and offline networking tools to enable visually impaired musicians to pursue their careers.

The first stage is a website, being developed by members of the engineering department at QMUL, in consultation with a group of visually impaired musicians:

We have set up an email group for everyone to keep in touch to discuss the development of VIBE, whether you are a musician, engineer, producer, or interested in supporting the project. If you’d like to subscribe, please send us an email to Vibe Request or visit our Vibe List.

If you are a musician who would like to get involved, please contact Peter Bosher.

If you are a music promoter, an investor or anyone else who would like to hear more, please contact Mary Paterson.

Read more via our DM Blog here: VIBE – A platform for visually impaired musicians and producers