Kris Halpin to launch new creative project at DMLab Northwest Challenge!

Kris’ journey with the MiMu gloves began before he had even heard of them. An experienced and established musician and studio owner in the West Midlands and national music scene, Kris approached Drake Music to help him to address access issues he was facing as a guitarist and pianist.

At this time his work was heavily influenced by these instruments stylistically, and he has talked in the past of ‪Nick Drake among others being core influences. Together with Drake Music’s DMLab programme, he experimented with the MiMu gloves, a new music technology developed by a Drake Music Advocate ‪Imogen Heap, who led a team of developers to create a new instrument that fulfilled her creative vision for onstage technological performance.

From an access point of view the MiMu gloves proved to be revolutionary for Kris, addressing the very barriers he was facing, being endlessly adaptable and fluid in their core design. Kris embraced this new technology and the many creative and promotional opportunities it presented, however over time it became clear to him that, while this was an amazing new tool from an access point of view, there was a gap between what he created and performed with the gloves, and his previous work as a guitarist and pianist;

‘I felt like I was playing covers of my own songs, being forced into a technological interpretation of something that was conceived as a singer/songwriter project; me and a guitar’.

As he improved on the gloves, this creative gap widened to the extent that by 2017 Kris was beginning to realise that a complete re-think was needed for his future work.

This summer, Kris will be launching his new project, Dyskinetic, a project that combines his musical past, present and future in a new work, embraces the aesthetics of access in the creation of the music, and seeks to be a truer reflection of where he finds himself today as an artist.

Join us at DMLab Northwest on May 27th to see Kris introduce four new accessible music technology projects developed in a partnership between disabled musicians and makers, and to see an preview of Dyskinetic.