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A brief introduction to our work

Drake Music are leaders in music, disability and technology.

Our work includes:

  • education workshops for children and adults
  • training and consultancy for professionals working in the education, arts and charitable sectors
  • artistic development programmes for disabled musicians
  • research and development into new accessible music technology

Our aim as a charity is to increase participation in music-making at all levels and to break down disabling barriers using technology. Our vision is a world where disabled and non-disabled musicians work together as equals.

A quote from our Chief Executive Carien Meijer

“We believe everyone has the right to express themselves creatively through music. We use innovative technologies and ideas to make writing and playing music more accessible. Disabled musicians are at the heart of our work, from teaching music workshops in mainstream and special schools to creating new opportunities for performance or testing out new music technology to see how accessible it is. We work strategically across the country to improve access to music for people of all ages and abilities.”

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