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Advocates & Partners

Drake Music has collaborated with some wonderful musicians and artists and received support from a range of committed individuals who have felt excited and inspired by what our work can achieve. Some of those people have gone on to become DM Advocates or Trustees, raising our profile whenever they can to ensure that more people become aware of DM's diverse programmes and their impact.   

Drake Music also receives support from a wide range of funders and works closely with partner organisations in Bristol, London, Manchester and beyond.   

 "I have been an advocate for Drake Music for many years and I am a huge supporter of their work. Drake Music's exciting projects push boundaries and showcase the diverse talents of disabled musicians and artists across England."
Jools Holland, Composer/ Pianist & DM Advocate


Bella Gough

Bella Gough | Treasurer

Bella grew up in London & moved to Bristol in 1995. She has been involved in both music industry & publicly-funded community enterprises & projects as a self-employed accountant for many years. For pleasure Bella flies kites & has been involved in the Bristol International Kite Festival.

Jon Pelluet

Jon Pelluet | Trustee

As Head of Fundraising at another UK charity, FareShare, Jon joined the board in August 2012, being inspired by Drake Music's incredible work and excited about the future potential of the charity, as it enters a new period of its development.

Julian Stodd

Julian Stodd | Trustee

Julian is a writer & learning consultant, working with organisations globally to design more effective learning. He has a passionate interest in music, writing widely about the co-creative aspects of composing and performing. Julian believes strongly in Drake Music's work enabling everyone to participate in the creative and social aspects of music.

Kate Hodson

Kate Hodson | Trustee

Kate joined the board of Drake Music in 2013 after years of admiring their work from afar. Currently part of the Learning and Participation team at The Royal Opera House, she is passionate about creating opportunities for people to experience and take part in the arts.

Roger Vigilance

Roger Vigilance | Chair

Roger is a global executive with particular strengths in running businesses designed to meet the needs of clients in our fast-moving technological environment. As a family man with teenage daughters, Roger has a keen interest in supportive learning & has been instrumental in welcoming diversity throughout the music chain.

Rohan Tarry

Rohan Tarry | Trustee

Rohan has worked in the music industry for 20 years as a musician, producer & recording studio manager, performing internationally and working with some big music names. Having had Multiple Sclerosis for 10 years, Rohan is keenly aware how disability can impact on musical expression, and relishes the opportunity to bring his experience to Drake Music.


Charlotte White

Charlotte White | Drake Music Young Artist

Charlotte began performing and composing with Drake Music when she was a pupil at St Rose's School in Stroud. She is now studying for her BA in Social Policy and Criminology at University of Kent, Canterbury, where she also volunteers as a mentor.

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Daryl Beeton

Daryl Beeton | Director/Performer

As a disabled director and performer in theatre, radio, tv & film. In 2006 he became Artistic Director for Kazzum, creating theatrical experiences for young audiences and has worked in the young people's sector for over 14 years.

Jools Holland

Jools Holland | Composer, Pianist, Bandleader & Broadcaster

From playing pubs in the East End docks as a teenage greaser, to leading his rhythm and blues orchestra and selling millions of records this century, it is his passion for music that has made Jools Holland into a doyen of the music scene.

Kerry Andrew

Kerry Andrew | Composer/Performer

Kerry is a freelance composer, performer and educator based in London. She specialises in contemporary vocal music and music theatre with a twist of pop, jazz, folk, world music and everything in between.

Marlo Donato

Marlo Donato | Musician/Author

Marlo is a successful author & musician. In 2009, she published a book 'Awkward Bitch, My Life with MS', which candidly chronicles her struggle & achievements with the condition. Marlo regularly lectures about MS, music, & raises awareness for the UK’s MS Society.

Paul Butler

Paul Butler | Musician/Performer

Paul is a trumpeter and pianist from Portsmouth & currently performs in The Dawn Chorus & The Retrospective Soundtrack Players. Despite the barriers he has faced, he has contributed to many releases & performed on some of the largest stages on the UK touring circuit.



Adele Drake

Adele Drake is a Charity consultant and Adviser in Arts, Music Education and Disability. She founded Drake Music in 1988.


Supporters & Advisors

Jenny Manser
Meg Peppin
Michael Szpakowski

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